Month: July 2021

You child can see a pediatric dentist well into their teens

What Is the Pediatric Dentist Age Limit for Kids?

A Pediatric Dentist will Provide Oral Care from Infancy to Adulthood Are you wondering when your baby should start seeing a dentist or if your teen is too old for a pediatric dentist? Parents are often curious about accepted pediatric dentist age ranges, specifically what ages are considered too young or too old for a…
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Healthy teeth for your school age child

A Parents’ Guide: Healthy Teeth for School-Aged Kids

Dental Health from Kindergarten Through High School Graduation Brush up on what’s normal development for your child’s age. Kids lose the majority of their baby teeth between ages six and 12. Physical and mental development skyrockets as kids reach school age. Their development includes the start of losing baby teeth and gaining shiny new adult…
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Healthy teeth for babies and toddlers

A Parents’ Guide to Healthy Teeth for Babies and Toddlers

Healthy teeth From Infancy to Kindergarten Infancy through toddlerhood is a really exciting time for parents! You’re watching your baby grow and hit important milestones, like saying their first words or taking their first step. The arrival of pearly white baby teeth is another big one, which often triggers parents to wonder about caring for…
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Help your kids take the best care of their baby teeth

A Kid’s Guide to Caring for Baby Teeth

Keep your teeth feeling happy and strong. Your teeth are a really important part of your body even if those teeth are just baby teeth. They help you chew food and get all of the important vitamins you need from your meals to grow. Your teeth even help you talk, sing, and laugh with your…
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