Month: August 2021

Causes and cures for a toothache

How To Help Your Child Through a Toothache

How To Help Relieve Your Child’s Toothache You know what to do when your child comes home from the playground with a bruised knee. But what about when your little one bites an apple wrong one morning and a filling comes loose or they experience discomfort from an emerging tooth? What can you do to…
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Dental care while wearing braces

Do Teeth Need Special Dental Care While Wearing Braces?

Keep your child’s smile shining brightly while they’re straightening their teeth. Getting braces is an exciting time for kids and parents alike. Your child will grow accustomed to wearing their new braces, and together you’ll overcome new challenges, like learning to brush around brackets and wires. You’ll also be spending more time than ever going…
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Orthodontics can prevent a host of issues

How Orthodontics Offers More Than a Straight Smile

Is orthodontic treatment important for every child? “Does my child need braces?” is one of the most common orthodontics related question parents ask their pediatric dental specialists. One of the greatest things about pediatric dentists is that they have the opportunity to monitor children’s dental development each year and watch them grow up. So you…
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Healthy back to school foods

5 Tooth-Healthy, Back-to-School Foods for Kids

Starting the School Year Right With Tooth-Healthy Treats Getting kids to eat right can be a challenge in and of itself. But by offering fun, tasty, nutritious foods and tooth-healthy treats, parents can help set their kids on the path to excellent oral hygiene. Here at Pediatric Dental Specialists, we’ve put together a list of…
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