Month: November 2021

Is teeth whitening safe for my child

Is Professional Whitening Safe for Your Kid’s Teeth?

Is Teeth Whitening Safe for Kids? As we get older, our teeth start to yellow. And though tooth discoloration isn’t usually noticeable until adulthood, it can affect kids too. Excessive consumption of dark-colored soda and sugary candy is one of the most common contributors to tooth discoloration, but family genetics can also play a role.…
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All about space maintainers

Does Your Child Need Space Maintainers?

Many parents think nothing of it when their children lose baby teeth prematurely. And, early loss of baby teeth happens far more often than we might think due to trips, falls, and other accidents. But, unfortunately, when those baby teeth come out early, it can cause problems for erupting permanent teeth. So, if your child…
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Help your child take care of their adult teeth

Help Your Child Hang on to All Their Adult Teeth

We only get two sets of teeth in our lifetime. It is a parent’s responsibility to help children learn the proper oral hygiene habits to protect those baby teeth and keep them healthy and strong. And in teaching children those skills to take care of their baby teeth, parents indirectly teach their children critical skills…
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Fun tooth-related science experiments for kids

4 Fun Tooth-related Science Experiments for Kids

Have fun while learning about your teeth! Are you looking for fun and engaging ways to get your kids excited about their dental health? Science experiments can be a great way to keep their attention and offer hands-on exploration. These fun ideas can help you turn abstract ideas into tangible, real-world concepts that even the…
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