Pediatric Dental Specialists

Teeth whitening for kids.

Teeth Whitening 101: Safe Practices to Make Your Teen’s Smile Even Brighter

Stained and discolored teeth are among the most common complaints people have about their smiles. And this concern is by no means restricted to adults. Teens are often concerned about the appearance of their smiles. With the right guidance and a variety of different treatment options, teeth whitening can help provide your teen with confidence…
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Nitrous oxide can make a better dental visit.

Inhale, Exhale, Smile: How Nitrous Oxide Can Ease Your Child’s Dental Visit

Nitrous oxide is among the most widely used methods of sedation used in dentistry. Commonly known as laughing gas, it helps keep patients of all ages calm and comfortable during a wide range of dental procedures. It is an important tool in managing dental anxiety in children, and it could be the right choice to…
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Save your kids teeth with a custom mouth guard.

Custom Mouth Guards: Why Your Young Athlete Needs to Wear One on the Field

If you’re reading this, chances are you have a child that is involved in at least one or more sports. In fact, nearly 60 million kids in the U.S. are registered to play a youth sport. This means you have something in common with most parents—you experience the joy and satisfaction of watching your child…
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Time for some teething relief.

Teething Signs: How to Tell if Your Child is Teething and What You Can Do

When a child cuts their first tooth, it can be an emotional time for parents. It is a significant milestone for their little one, setting the stage for them to learn to eat solid foods and even to talk. But it also means your baby is starting to grow up. And that can be a…
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Benefits of white dental fillings.

Top 5 Benefits of White Dental Fillings for Children

Silver vs. White Dental Fillings Most people are familiar with traditional metal dental fillings. Those silver-colored fillings are called amalgam fillings. While amalgam fillings are common, white (composite) dental fillings are becoming the standard, especially when it comes to pediatric dental restorations. A composite filling is more aesthetically pleasing and less noticeable than a traditional…
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Protect teeth with dental sealants.

Sealants: How Your Child Can Benefit From the Invisible Protectors of the Teeth

Dental sealants are designed to help protect your child’s teeth from cavities. As a parent, you have a lot to worry about when it comes to your children, including their health and wellness. If you are looking for a little more peace of mind to help keep their teeth protected from cavities, ask the staff…
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Dental visits for your special needs child.

Does Your Child Have Special Needs? We Make Dental Visits Easy

It’s time for a peaceful dental appointment. When you have a child with special needs, certain things require just a little extra care. You may have a child who developed severe dental anxiety, or perhaps one who gets overstimulated if there’s too much light or noise. Every child’s needs are different, so it’s important to…
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Preparing for baby's first dental visit.

5 Things To Expect at Your Baby’s First Dental Visit

Whirlwind of Parenting Becoming a parent can be a crazy ride. Everyone seems to have an opinion, and half of them seem to contradict each other. Every time you turn around, there’s another “first” to celebrate. Their first smile, the first time they roll over, the first time they say your name, and the first…
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Ease dental anxiety in kids.

5 Techniques to Calm Nervous Young Patients and Their Parents

Create Positive Dentistry Experiences From routine check-ups to more complex procedures, a dental visit can evoke a sense of apprehension in individuals of all ages. However, this dental anxiety often holds greater sway among children, who are still forming their perception of dentistry. Children, with their vivid imaginations and natural hesitation toward unfamiliar situations, can…
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A mouth guard can save teeth.

Game On: 5 Reasons Your Kid Needs a Mouth Guard for Spring Sports

Time for that score! Watching your child succeed is such a fantastic feeling. At every game, you’re on the edge of your seat, screaming for your children to get that home run or to score that touchdown. You know their coaches teach them how to play safely, but what other ways are there to keep…
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