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Embrace your family being at home during COVID-19

9 Things Your Entire Family Can Do Together at Home

Note: Our office is open again after our temporary break during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Social distancing may be keeping us at home, but it’s also a great opportunity to come closer as a family. Across the country, schools have temporarily closed, parents and the whole family are working from home, and most…
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How to Help Your Child Adjust to Braces

5 Tips on How to Help Your Child Adjust to Braces

Help your child adjust to their braces with ease. Around age seven, many children will begin to get their permanent teeth. Whatever age this happens for your child, this is a big mile marker as far as growing up is concerned. However, this milestone means something very different for you. Your child is now possibly…
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Orthodontic Treatments for Kids

Did You Know There Are Different Types of Orthodontic Treatments for Kids?

Types of Orthodontic Treatments for Kids Orthodontic treatment can be essential to ensuring that your child’s smile is both healthy and beautiful. Crooked teeth are harder to clean, increasing your child’s risk of tooth decay and gum disease, and may make them self-conscious as they age. Due to this, it’s important to get an orthodontic…
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doctor working with a young patient

5 Tips to Make the Dentist Less Scary for Your Child

Fear of the dentist affects all ages. Trips to the dentist can be anxiety-inducing for adults, and this problem is even more common among children. However, a dental visit does not have to be a cause of fear for your child. The team at Pediatric Dental Specialists of Greater Nebraska have provided the 5 effective…
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Dental Tips for school aged kids and teens

Dental Tips for School-Aged Kids and Teens – Infographic

For Younger Kids 1. Have fun! Brushing can be fun with a song, a favorite character-themed toothbrush, or a reward. 2. Make it a family event. Make brushing and flossing an activity that’s routinely done together whenever you can. 3. Lend a helping hand. Many experts recommend brushing and flossing your child’s teeth until they…
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Dental Care Tips and Checklist for Babies

Oral care for your baby begins as a newborn, long before they get their first teeth. After each bottle or breastfeeding, gently wipe your baby’s gums with a clean cloth that has been moistened with lukewarm water. This practice keeps their gums healthy and helps to prevent bacteria build-up. Never put your baby to bed…
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Dental Care Tips and Checklist for Toddlers

Toddlers are typically too young to brush their teeth effectively by themselves, but parents should start teaching their kids good oral care habits at this age. Brush your toddler’s teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste and a child-sized toothbrush. Using fun toothpaste flavors, like bubblegum or orange, is a great way to get them…
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girl playing with stuffed animal

Fun Questions About Teeth for Kids

Kids, Teeth, and Fun You’ve got questions too, like how to get your kids excited about teeth. Getting your kids excited about and interested in teeth topics, that may otherwise seem anything but exciting, requires some creativity and excitement on your part. If your kids see you excited and interested, they won’t want to miss…
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funny tooth brush with eyes and mouth and arms and legs

10 Wild and Wacky Facts About Dentistry For Kids

Kids like weird facts. It’s a fact. Spring Break is approaching and soon school will be out for summer! Any school break means more downtime for kids or family travel. So whether you plan to pack up in the van and go on an adventure vacation style or lounge around at home, your kids will…
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young man with red sucker

4 Dentist-Recommended Recipes Your Kids Will Love

These Low-Sugar Snacks Can Satisfy Serious Cravings Kids enjoy sweets, but their teeth (and their dentists) don’t! Here are some delicious low-sugar recipes they’ll love to make and eat! Getting your kids to eat healthy foods can sometimes be a challenge. This is especially true if your child prefers sweets and snacks like candy and…
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