Dental Visit Prep

team member working with a young patient

8 Ways to Help a Child Who’s Afraid of the Dentist

The dentist can be a fun, happy place. Seeing the dentist regularly will help you have a healthier, happier life. And there is no time in history where dental visits are more comfortable and convenient than they are today. However, studies show that more than half of adults are afraid of going to the dentist.…
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Dental Anxiety

How to Resolve Your Own Dental Anxiety to Help Both You and Your Child

Are you worried your dental anxiety will rub off on your child? One of the most rewarding aspects of parenthood is watching as our children grow and learn more about the world around them. Part of that unique experience is also seeing how our viewpoints on certain things can affect our children’s outlook. Unfortunately, that…
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Great kids' books about going to the dentist

The 10 Best Books to Read to Kids About Going to the Dentist

Transform your child’s dental appointments from scary to fun. If we’re honest, taking your child to the dentist can be a harrowing and exhausting experience for both you and your little one, especially if it’s their first visit. The unfamiliarity of the dental office can be overwhelming for your child when they don’t know what…
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doctor working with a young patient

5 Tips to Make the Dentist Less Scary for Your Child

Fear of the dentist affects all ages. Trips to the dentist can be anxiety-inducing for adults, and this problem is even more common among children. However, a dental visit does not have to be a cause of fear for your child. The team at Pediatric Dental Specialists of Greater Nebraska have provided the 5 effective…
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doctor high fiving with a young patient

A Positive First Dentist Experience: Tips for Parents

Every Tooth Counts Did you know that your child’s first teeth are vital to their health beyond their youth? It’s true. Baby teeth, medically known as primary teeth, may be temporary—but there’s nothing temporary about the impact they have on your child’s lifelong oral health. As you know, baby teeth help your child to chew…
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team member reading with a young patient

10 Books to Read To Your Child About Going to the Dentist

As parents, the feeling of watching your child do something for the first time is wonderful. It’s a mix of pride, awe, and exhilaration. It’s a balance between being present in the moment and making sure you get it on video and into your baby books so you can share the excitement with family and…
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