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Fun animal teeth facts

Animal Teeth Facts: Fun Lessons for Kids

Fun Facts About Animal Teeth Most mammals, humans included, have teeth. Humans use their teeth to break down their food so they can swallow it. Human teeth also play an essential role in our speech and our ability to articulate different words. Humans have four different types of teeth: incisors, canines, premolars, and molars. Our…
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Help your preteen cope with stress

4 Warning Signs Your Preteen Needs Help with Stress Management

Sometimes it’s hard to tell if your preteen is stressed or just being a preteen. Mood swings, headaches, tummy aches, stubbornness, and more—these are all signs your child is becoming a teen, right? To some degree, yes. For some preteens, frequent headaches or tummy aches and severe or suddenly more severe changes in mood can…
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Holiday family traditions

Omaha in the Holidays! 10 Family Holiday Traditions and Events

The holidays are almost here! The days are getting shorter and there’s a chill in the air. This can only mean one thing: The holidays will be here soon! Whether you’re already hauling the decorations from the attic or you plan to wait until after Thanksgiving, there’s no denying the magic and joy that this…
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pediatric dentist-Dr. Reimer

Getting to Know Your Child’s Pediatric Dentist: Dr. Reimer

You want a pediatric dentist who loves what they do. We all want the best for our children, so it’s natural to want to pick the best pediatric dentist in Omaha to take care of your child’s oral health. A truly great dentist needs to have the skill and experience to care for your child,…
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Help your school kids cope with change

Tips for Helping Your Kids Cope with Sudden Changes This School Year

We’re all learning new coping skills this year. Raise your hand if you’re feeling more than a little overwhelmed. Yeah? You can’t see us, but our hands are in the air, too. There’s no denying that this has been an incredibly challenging and stressful year. If you’re a parent, you likely feel an extra weight…
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Graphic novels for your child to read

Great Graphic Novels Might Convince Your Middle Schooler to Read More

Becoming a lifelong reader will serve your children well. The U.S. book market is booming, and the reason might surprise you. It isn’t best-selling chapter books that are climbing the charts, but graphic novels! Today’s young readers are exploring their literary options, perusing a wider and more diverse range of choices than ever before. Do…
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Pediatric Dental Specialists

What’s Different About Pediatric Dental Specialists?

Getting your child specialized dental care. Early impressions of the dentist can impact your child’s view of dental appointments and oral health for their entire life, so it’s important to take the time to choose the right dentist for your child—one who has the expertise to treat them as well as the compassion and friendliness…
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Try these homemade cleaning supply recipes.

Cleaning Supplies You Can Make at Home

Homemade cleaners can keep your home germ-free without breaking your budget. Your household cleaners have likely been your best friends throughout the recent crisis, helping you to disinfect your home and clean up the countless messes that naturally result from having your kids home 24/7. After a few weeks, however, you might find yourself low…
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Try these teacher appreciation ideas.

12 Awesome Teacher Appreciation Ideas for Distance Learners

Say thanks this National Teacher Appreciation Day. National Teacher Appreciation Day falls on May 5, and we have a few ideas for you. However, recent events have reminded us that we should celebrate our educators every day of the year. As families adjust to school closures, teachers have worked around the clock to make the…
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