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Dental Sealants vs. Fillings for Cavities

Have you ever been to the dentist and been left scratching your head about what you heard? The chances are that this has happened to you, and one of the concepts that our patients have told us they have found confusing relates to fillings and sealants. So, we wanted to take some time to clear…
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Subtle Ways to Kick Your Kid’s Sugar Cravings With Healthier Eating Habits This Year

7 Ways to Curb Your Child’s Sweet Tooth Cravings and Build Better Eating Habits Sugar addiction is a big problem for many parents and their children. Trying to break unhealthy eating habits and curbing cravings for sweets can feel like a battle, but the reward is a happy child with a healthier body, brain, and…
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Early orthodontic treatment is better for your child

Why Orthodontic Prep Work Saves Your Child Some Pain

Early orthodontic evaluation helps your kids’ dentist better treat certain dental problems. If you have a young child between the ages of six and eight, your family dentist or pediatric dentist has likely spoken with you about the need for your child to have an early orthodontic evaluation. This is a natural step and is…
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Is teeth whitening safe for my child

Is Professional Whitening Safe for Your Kid’s Teeth?

Is Teeth Whitening Safe for Kids? As we get older, our teeth start to yellow. And though tooth discoloration isn’t usually noticeable until adulthood, it can affect kids too. Excessive consumption of dark-colored soda and sugary candy is one of the most common contributors to tooth discoloration, but family genetics can also play a role.…
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All about space maintainers

Does Your Child Need Space Maintainers?

Many parents think nothing of it when their children lose baby teeth prematurely. And, early loss of baby teeth happens far more often than we might think due to trips, falls, and other accidents. But, unfortunately, when those baby teeth come out early, it can cause problems for erupting permanent teeth. So, if your child…
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Help your child take care of their adult teeth

Help Your Child Hang on to All Their Adult Teeth

We only get two sets of teeth in our lifetime. It is a parent’s responsibility to help children learn the proper oral hygiene habits to protect those baby teeth and keep them healthy and strong. And in teaching children those skills to take care of their baby teeth, parents indirectly teach their children critical skills…
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Kids and dental crowns

Does Your Child Need Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns offer a helping hand in saving kids’ teeth. When trouble strikes in the form of a cavity, basic fillings aren’t always enough to save a child’s tooth. To prevent the premature loss of your child’s important baby teeth, a pediatric dentist can instead save them with protective dental crowns. Placing a dental crown…
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Take care of your child's sensitive teeth

7 Common Reasons for Your Kid’s Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive Teeth in Kids and What You Can Do About It As a parent, you naturally want your children to feel as happy and healthy as possible. That’s why it can be disheartening to hear them complain about a toothache or sensitive teeth. In many cases, the pain could be caused by sensitivity. There are…
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Healthy recipes for the holidays

10 Tooth-Friendly Recipes for the Holidays

Enjoy some treats for the holidays without sacrificing your oral health. The holidays are upon us! It’s time to buy those gifts, schedule those family gatherings, and plan those meals. These next few months are meant to be a time of joyous celebration, and you can avoid the last-minute rush by preparing beforehand. Of course,…
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Dental sealants to save teeth

5 Solid Reasons to Consider Dental Sealants for Kids

Dental sealants can save your child’s smile from damaging tooth decay. Your child’s dentist wishes they could simply wave a wand and cast a protective spell to stop cavities from ever happening. Although that isn’t possible, there is a very real protective treatment that can put a halt to tooth decay woes. This treatment is…
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