Healthy Teeth

Dental issues and what to do about them

8 Early Signs Your Kid May Have Problematic Dental Issues

How to recognize signs of developing dental issues in kids. Except in cases of an impact or injury to the face, most kids’ dental problems develop over time. The good news is that many issues show some easily recognizable red flags in their early stages. Recognizing these early warning signs and understanding how certain oral…
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Best dental health tips for school age kids

Back-to-School Tips to Ensure Tip-Top Dental Health

Preparing Your Child for a New School Year Filled With Smiles Between studying new student handbooks, figuring out classes, and going back-to-school shopping, preparing for a new school year is both exciting and a bit chaotic! Brushing up on kids’ dental health and cavity prevention are two more things parents should have on their to-do…
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Give your kid a healthier diet

8 Tips To Help Your Child Stick to a Smile-Friendly Diet

Teeth-friendly foods are the foundation of your child’s healthy, happy smile. Every parent’s goal for their child’s smile is to be bright, healthy, and cavity free. Following a great at-home dental care routine and taking them to their pediatric dentist every six months is important for achieving this goal. But don’t forget about one of…
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Causes and cures for a toothache

How To Help Your Child Through a Toothache

How To Help Relieve Your Child’s Toothache You know what to do when your child comes home from the playground with a bruised knee. But what about when your little one bites an apple wrong one morning and a filling comes loose or they experience discomfort from an emerging tooth? What can you do to…
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Dental care while wearing braces

Do Teeth Need Special Dental Care While Wearing Braces?

Keep your child’s smile shining brightly while they’re straightening their teeth. Getting braces is an exciting time for kids and parents alike. Your child will grow accustomed to wearing their new braces, and together you’ll overcome new challenges, like learning to brush around brackets and wires. You’ll also be spending more time than ever going…
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Healthy teeth for your school age child

A Parents’ Guide: Healthy Teeth for School-Aged Kids

Dental Health from Kindergarten Through High School Graduation Brush up on what’s normal development for your child’s age. Kids lose the majority of their baby teeth between ages six and 12. Physical and mental development skyrockets as kids reach school age. Their development includes the start of losing baby teeth and gaining shiny new adult…
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Healthy teeth for babies and toddlers

A Parents’ Guide to Healthy Teeth for Babies and Toddlers

Healthy teeth From Infancy to Kindergarten Infancy through toddlerhood is a really exciting time for parents! You’re watching your baby grow and hit important milestones, like saying their first words or taking their first step. The arrival of pearly white baby teeth is another big one, which often triggers parents to wonder about caring for…
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Help your kids take the best care of their baby teeth

A Kid’s Guide to Caring for Baby Teeth

Keep your teeth feeling happy and strong. Your teeth are a really important part of your body even if those teeth are just baby teeth. They help you chew food and get all of the important vitamins you need from your meals to grow. Your teeth even help you talk, sing, and laugh with your…
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Brushing and flossing will make a difference for your child's teeth

Is Brushing and Flossing that Important?

As parents, we try to encourage our children to embrace a lot of good habits. We teach our children the importance of saying please and thank you, respecting others, and picking up after themselves. We teach our kids about the importance of bathing and keeping themselves clean. And of course, we teach our children that…
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Early orthodontics can benefit your child's dental development

5 Key Benefits of Early Orthodontics

Start with an early orthodontics evaluation. Did you have braces when you were a child? If so, do you remember how old you were? The chances are that you didn’t get your braces until you were a teenager. Or, perhaps you are undergoing orthodontic treatment now as an adult. But, children often start to lose…
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