Pediatric Dentistry

A mouth guard can save teeth.

Game On: 5 Reasons Your Kid Needs a Mouth Guard for Spring Sports

Time for that score! Watching your child succeed is such a fantastic feeling. At every game, you’re on the edge of your seat, screaming for your children to get that home run or to score that touchdown. You know their coaches teach them how to play safely, but what other ways are there to keep…
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Meet the new pediatric dentist in Omaha.

Join Us in Welcoming Dr. Mary Weber, Your Child’s New Dentist!

Meet Dr. Mary Weber. Pediatric Dental Specialists is thrilled to introduce a new pediatric dentist to our team, Dr. Mary Weber. Dr. Mary is set to join our Omaha practice in January 2024, and we couldn’t be more excited to have her on board. In this blog post, we’ll help you get to know her…
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Sedation dentistry for kids

4 Ways Sedation Dentistry Creates Calmer Experiences for Anxious Kids

A Soothing Solution for Dental Anxiety We understand that for some kids, a trip to the dentist can feel like a daunting expedition. Those bright lights, the unfamiliar equipment, and the strange sounds can make their hearts race and palms sweat. But what if we told you there’s a way to transform this experience into…
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Best pediatric dentist near Omaha, Nebraska

5 Things We Do at Pediatric Dental Specialists That Help Children Feel Safe

Visiting the dentist can be a daunting experience for both children and parents. It is not uncommon for kids to feel anxious or scared about dental appointments, but at Pediatric Dental Specialists in Omaha, we prioritize making our young patients feel comfortable and safe during their visit. In this article, we will discuss five things…
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What happens if a child chips a tooth

What Should Parents Do if Their Child Falls and Chips a Tooth?

The sad truth is that as much as we might want to, we can’t wrap our kids in bubble wrap. We can’t lock them away, hoping they will never get hurt. Kids will be kids. Sometimes they bump into things, and sometimes, they trip and fall. In most cases, kids will get back up and…
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Pediatric dental care age limit

Is There an Age Limit for Seeing Your Pediatric Dentist?

4 Questions About Age and Kids’ Dental Care Adults know they need to see a dentist every 6 months for a checkup and cleaning, but what about kids? Many new parents are unsure when their baby should see a dentist for the first time or when their growing high schooler should switch to a general…
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Understanding sedation dentistry

Sedation Dentistry for Children: 4 Top Questions Answered

Most adults—and kids—know that going to the dentist is a far better experience than it used to be. With modern dental technology, today’s dentists can provide an experience in the dental chair that is safe, comfortable, and often painless. But for some, this knowledge isn’t enough. And for some kids, their anxiety can get the…
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Oral health starts with baby

Oral Health Starts As a Baby With These Healthy Habits

Your child is never too young to start thinking about their oral health. Good habits form early, so we encourage parents to get in the habit of instilling good dental habits in their children and start focusing on their child’s dental health earlier than they think. If you ever have any questions relating to your…
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Interview with Dr. Frannie

Interview with Dr. Frannie: a Dentist Driven by Compassion

Let’s welcome Dr. Frannie to our team and learn what makes her a kind and fun-loving kids’ dentist.  A pediatric dentist is an important person. They have the tools and education to make children comfortable and at ease during their very first dental trips. As you and your kids see your pediatric dentist year after…
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Dental sealants can save your you some money later

Save Time, Money, and Pain With Dental Sealants

Discover how dental sealants can prevent tooth decay. Many parents are familiar with fluoride and its ability to help protect their children’s teeth. And although fluoride is a beneficial weapon in children’s dentistry and the fight against tooth decay, it is limited in its ability to protect the whole tooth since it only works on…
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