Why Would Your Pediatric Dentist Recommend a Crown for Your Child’s Baby Tooth?

When is a crown for a baby tooth recommended

A dental crown for a baby tooth?

We’ve all heard of dental crowns for adults. Many of us probably have one. In fact, according to the National Center for Health Statistics, the application of a single crown is the most commonly performed restorative procedure in cosmetic dentistry. But did you know that sometimes young children need a dental crown for a baby tooth? It’s true. Your child’s dentist may recommend a dental crown as part of a restorative dentistry treatment if they find a baby tooth with a large cavity, if it is broken, or if it has not developed correctly.

Yes, your child may really need a crown for a baby tooth!

If your child has a cavity, rest assured that they are not alone. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), over half of kids between the ages of six and eight have had a cavity in at least one baby tooth. And by no means does your child’s cavity mean that you’re a bad parent. We promise you that’s not the case.

Kids can develop cavities for various reasons. Cavities are brought on by bacteria in the mouth that isn’t effectively washed away from brushing, flossing, and rinsing. Your child may be more or less susceptible to cavities based on their oral care habits, what they eat and drink, and even their genetic disposition. Regardless of how or why your child developed their cavity, however, there are some things you should know about dental crowns for baby teeth.

Baby teeth serve as the foundation for permanent teeth.

Those baby teeth are more important than you might realize. They serve as placeholders for your child’s future permanent teeth and are critical in helping your child properly eat, speak, play, and even learn. When tooth decay is left untreated, it can hinder your child’s ability to do any and all of those things. Also, a cavity can be quite painful and can turn into an abscess that can cause infection in other parts of the body. And thus, restoring your child’s baby tooth is preferred whenever possible, as losing baby teeth prematurely can increase the need for costly and uncomfortable orthodontic work.

Your child’s dentist may recommend a dental crown for a baby tooth instead of a filling.

If you’re like many parents, you’re probably scratching your head, wondering why your child’s dentist wouldn’t just recommend a filling to fix your child’s baby tooth. And fillings are a standard dental treatment for childhood tooth decay as well. But, baby teeth are more prone to decay because they have thinner enamel than adult teeth. So, once tooth decay has begun, it can make its way to the dentin quicker than it would in an adult tooth. That said, dentists will usually suggest a filling for kids with small cavities, but a dental crown might be in order if the cavity is more extensive.

Dental crowns for kids look just like your child’s tooth and are placed over the existing tooth to help restore its strength and functionality. Crowns are usually made of one of two different materials.

Stainless-steel crowns 

These stainless-steel crowns, also called silver crowns, are usually placed on the back teeth that aren’t visible when your child smiles.

White zirconia crowns

White zirconia dental crowns are highly durable and are popular for the front teeth and other teeth that are visible when your child smiles. Just like with ceramic fillings, white crowns are an excellent option for visible teeth because they are designed to look just like your child’s tooth enamel.

Omaha Pediatric Dental Specialists are your partners if your child needs a crown for a baby tooth.

We know that if your child has tooth decay, you probably have a lot of questions about dental fillings and crowns for a baby tooth. We are more than happy to answer those questions and partner with you to get the right dental treatment for your child. But beyond that, we can help if your child suffers from dental anxiety, making the entire experience safe and comfortable for your child. We also make it easy for busy parents to get their child to the dentist, offering four convenient locations in Omaha, Grand Island, North Platte, and Hastings.

We’re your dental partner and kids’ dentist from infancy through adolescence. We provide preventive and restorative dentistry and can even help your child with their orthodontic evaluation when the time comes. So, if your child needs a dental cleaning, or you are concerned about tooth decay and the need for a crown for your child’s baby tooth, now is the time to request an appointment with Omaha Pediatric Dental Specialists. We look forward to seeing you and your child.