Give Your Child the Confidence They Crave With Cosmetic Dentistry for Kids

Cosmetic dentistry for confident kids

Why consider cosmetic dentistry for kids?

When it comes to cosmetic dentistry, most people think it’s just for adults. After all, dental veneers, tooth whitening, enamel bonding, and Invisalign are most often seen in adults. But there are situations where cosmetic dentistry for kids can serve an important function. And for parents who want their child to have the smile they deserve, cosmetic dentistry for kids is sometimes the best solution.

Aside from issues such as difficulty chewing, plaque buildup, and poor overall oral health, a poor smile can impact your child socially as well as personally. An imperfect smile resulting from crooked, missing, or severely discolored teeth can have a seriously detrimental impact on your child’s self-esteem. For this reason, many parents wish to consider cosmetic dentistry for their kids.

Pediatric Cosmetic Dentistry Solutions That Can Make a Big Impact on Your Child’s Self-Esteem

Dental Sealants

Though dental sealants are considered more of a preventive measure, they are commonly discussed when cosmetic dentistry for kids is being considered. Dental sealants provide an excellent benefit in helping your child avoid tooth decay and, eventually, cavities. Sealants are a thin, protective coating painted on the chewing surfaces of the molars and premolars. The chewing surfaces are tough to keep clean because our toothbrush bristles cannot penetrate their deep grooves. Therefore, they are more susceptible to harboring the bacteria that cause decay. Sealants work to keep plaque and debris from living on their teeth, decreasing the risk of decay.

White-colored/Tooth-colored Fillings

When we remove tooth decay, we replace it with filling material. Once upon a time, amalgam (silver) fillings were the only option that could be placed into the cleaned-out portion of the tooth. Now, your child can take advantage of the latest advancements in dentistry with composite (tooth-colored) fillings, often referred to as white fillings. Tooth-colored fillings look more natural, restore most of the tooth’s original strength, and reduce the sensitivity associated with amalgam fillings. Now your child can enjoy a natural-looking, bright smile!

White or Stainless Steel Crowns

Crowns are a fantastic cosmetic dental option for children who have missing, damaged, or severely decayed teeth. Though most people will assume crowns are just for adults, children can benefit from dental crowns too. Stainless steel and ceramic crowns are both great choices, but there can be situations where one is more useful or practical than the other.

Stainless steel crowns tend to be very durable and more affordable than their white ceramic counterparts. This makes stainless steel crowns a good choice for children who need crowns for molars or other teeth located in the back of their mouth. Ceramic crowns, otherwise known as white crowns, are more often recommended for patients who need a crown in the front of their mouth. Ceramic crowns are shaped and polished to blend in with your child’s natural teeth, so no one but you, your child, and your dentist will know they have a crown.

It might be overwhelming to consider which type of crown is best for your child. If you are wondering about the best dental crowns for children, don’t worry, your dentist will help steer you toward the solution best for your child’s situation.

Teeth Whitening

Though teeth tend to naturally discolor with age, children can also experience discolored teeth. In most cases, kids can start to experience yellowing on their teeth if they don’t know how to brush correctly, if they take certain prescription medications, or if they suffer from various illnesses. Whatever the cause is, if your child has yellow teeth, their self-esteem can pay the price. That said, tooth whitening is an excellent gift choice for teens who want white teeth, especially when their senior pictures are coming up or if prom or another big school event is right around the corner.

The whitening options offered at Pediatric Dental Specialists in North Platte are much stronger than the bleach products you can buy at your local grocery store. Over-the-counter, at-home treatments are meant to be used over a period of several days or weeks, but in-office whitening can be performed with a light, laser, or a bleaching gel and can provide great results in one day.

The Importance of Consistent Dental Cleanings

Though cosmetic dentistry for kids is a viable option for those who need it, practicing proper oral care for your children can make these dental solutions avoidable. One of the best things you can do for your child is teach them how to properly care for their teeth. Teach your child how to brush their teeth, and make the process fun for them so they’ll want to brush their teeth without prompting in the future. Also, teach your child how to floss their teeth once a day. When they are old enough, teach them how to rinse daily with a fluoridated mouthwash.

The other important aspect to your child’s dental care regards dental cleanings. Your child needs to see a dental professional every six months for an oral examination and dental cleaning. Regular dental cleanings can save parents time and money in the long run and can help keep teeth stronger and whiter so cosmetic dentistry for kids isn’t needed in the first place. If you live in the North Platte area and your child is overdue for a dental cleaning, now is the time to request an appointment. We look forward to seeing you and your child.