How to Have a Blast on Independence Day in Omaha, Nebraska

Celebrate Independence Day with these fun ideas

4th of July Activities for the Whole Family

Here at Pediatric Dental Specialists in Omaha, NE, the 4th of July is one of our favorite holidays. Our team enjoys making crafts, watching the fireworks shows, and of course, baking some patriotic treats. Your family probably also has activities you can’t imagine not doing on Independence Day. However, if you don’t have any traditions, then you’re in luck. This post contains a list of great 4th of July ideas for the whole family. Pick and choose the ones you like and take your celebrations to a whole other level.

Find a fireworks show.

No 4th of July celebrations are complete without a good fireworks show. So grab a blanket or some lawn chairs and head over to one of the many spectacular firework displays in Omaha, NE. If you prefer not to venture far from home this year, that’s alright too. Stock up on sparklers and host your own Independence Day light show in your backyard.

Make fourth of July crafts.

Tired of the same old 4th of July store-bought decorations? Try making patriotic crafts with your kids to decorate your home. Replace the run-of-the-mill Independence Day wreath with a flag made from red, white, and blue painted stirring sticks. And if you have some paint leftover, write inspirational quotes on your outdoor concrete spaces. Or leave kindness rocks on your driveway to catch visitors by surprise and decorate your lawn. Younger kids may also enjoy making patriotic party poppers from toilet paper rolls and 4th of July napkins.

Try red, white, and blue recipes.

Add flair to the usual Independence Day spread of burgers, hotdogs, and barbecue with some creative red, white, and blue recipes. You can bake a patriotic layer cake like this one, decorate cupcakes with stripes of red, white, and blue frosting, or even make colorful pretzel bars. Get the kids involved in the entire process and they may just enjoy making these treats (and eating them) even more than the usual Independence Day firework shows.

Learn the history of Independence day.

As you bake a flag cake and paint stirring sticks, take the time to teach your kids why we celebrate the 4th of July. Read them a kid-friendly version of the Declaration of Independence. For younger kids, you can sharpen one end of a feather to make a quill pen. Dipping it into a bottle of ink and writing on a piece of paper can help preschoolers understand how the Declaration of Independence came to be what it is today. And if your children are a little older, put together a play based on a famous patriotic speech like Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address and perform it as everyone enjoys the red, white, and blue treats.

Go backyard camping.

Kids love going camping during the summertime so why not camp out in your backyard this 4th of July. You probably already own everything you need, such as tents and sleeping bags; the only difference is this time you’ll have access to indoor plumbing and a modern kitchen—a win-win if you ask us. Help your kids hang lengths of blue, white, and red paper streamers to show your patriotic spirit. If you’d like to go bigger, turn the lawn into a canvas for your homemade stencil and flour decorations. Cap-off the night with some old-fashioned 4th of July “campfire” ghost stories.

Watch a patriotic movie outdoors.

Relax after a day of crafting, cooking, and fireworks with an outdoor screening of a patriotic movie. Just hang a white sheet in your backyard, connect your Mac or iPad to a projector, and provide a cozy seating area. Let your kids decide between shows like “The Music Man,” “National Treasure,” or “The Sandlot”—all three are solid choices for 4th of July viewing. If your kids prefer animations, “This Is America,” “Charlie Brown,” and “An American Tail” can help your little ones understand why Independence Day is such an important holiday to Americans.

Have an indoor patriotic picnic.

All the other activities on this list assume that we’ll have a sunny 4th of July. But Mother Nature may change the rules of summer this year. With an indoor picnic, you can still salvage the “fun” part of Independence Day if the weather takes a turn for the worse. All you’ll have to do is push the sofa to the wall, spread some blankets on your living room floor, and break out your picnic basket. Eating indoors while seated on the floor will be a whole new experience for the kids, one which (we hope) can make up for the lack of the usual big boom that follows most clear skies 4th of July celebrations.

Play patriotic games

The 4th of July isn’t only about making tasty treats and beautiful crafts, it’s also the perfect time to play patriotic games and spark some healthy family competition. Use red, white, and blue painted wine bottles to play Independence Day ring toss or flag-themed giant yard dice for Yahtzee and Farkle. Add a prize at the end of each game and you’ll have the kids entertained for hours.

While we can’t deny how delicious sugary treats are, we also can’t forget their negative effect on our teeth. Remind our favorite patients (your kids) to brush their teeth after the 4th of July celebrations. And if any dental issues come up, feel free to book an appointment through our online form. Pediatric Dental Specialists strive to make your kid’s dental experience as fun and stress-free as possible.