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What to Do When Your Child Has Mouth Sores

Mouth sores in kids have many causes, including  minor injuries from biting the lip, cheek, or tongue; vigorous toothbrushing or the use of a hard-bristled toothbrush; irritation from orthodontic devices like braces; picky eating or a vitamin B12 or zinc deficiency; intolerance to gluten; genetics; or maybe even a sensitivity to acidic foods like lemons and pineapples. 

Regardless of the cause, your primary goal as a parent is to raise happy, healthy kids, so if you suspect your child has a mouth sore, here’s how you can know for sure and prevent it from happening again.

How do you know your child has a mouth sore?

At first, your child may complain of a burning, tingling sensation in their mouth. But a telltale sign your child has a mouth ulcer is when round, white sores appear on the softer inner lining of their mouth or on the surface of their gums, tongue, or tonsil area. After a day or so, the sores may burst, leaving behind open, shallow, whitish or yellowish ulcers that have a red border. These wounds are often painful, particularly when your child eats salty, spicy, or sour foods. If the reason for the mouth ulcer is an infection, your child might also have a fever. 

How can you treat mouth sores at home?

While mouth ulcers can be quite common, recurring, and caused by a number of things, there are several home remedies you can try to relieve your child’s discomfort. You can apply honey on the ulcers to help heal the open wounds quicker and protect the area from infection. You can also try giving your child an antacid tablet like Tums and asking them to let it dissolve in their mouth. These can neutralize mouth acids and ultimately help heal the sore faster. Of course, you should always check the appropriate dosage for your child’s age.

Good quality toothpaste often comes with antimicrobial properties that can reduce the pain and discomfort of a mouth sore, but applying the paste directly on the sore can be quite painful for younger children. Using an aloe vera gel on the wounds may help offset some of your child’s discomfort. Another great home treatment for mouth ulcers in babies is giving them a healthy dose of vitamin C every day. This will boost your child’s immunity, encouraging their body to fight the infection that’s causing the sore. Under no circumstances should you use a topical numbing gel or medication to treat mouth sores in children without first speaking to a dentist or pediatrician.

Is there a way to prevent or avoid mouth sores in my child?

Avoiding mouth sores altogether may be a tall order, particularly if the cause is genetics. However, there are several things your child can do to make the sores less painful and keep them from coming back more frequently. While the mouth sores heal, your child will need to avoid spicy, salty, and sour foods. 

Ask your child to be more gentle when they brush with a soft-bristled toothbrush, taking care to not let the brush slip. It’s also a good idea to minimize the number of times your child consumes abrasive foods like potato chips and nuts. Such foods can potentially irritate the gums and injure delicate mouth tissues. 

When should you seek professional treatment for your child’s mouth sores?

Most mouth ulcers are harmless, healing on their own after a week or two. If your child’s ulcers persist for longer than that, reach out to your dentist for pediatrics or any other health care provider. You’ll need to schedule your appointment sooner than that if a fever, dehydration, or trouble swallowing accompanies the mouth sore.

Mouth Sores Treatment for North Platte Kids

Now that you know what causes mouth sores in kids and how to keep the sores from coming back more frequently, if your child ever has one, we are confident you’ll have a better idea of what’s happening and how to make the experience less painful for your little one. 

Remember, you can always use our online form to schedule an appointment at one of our Greater Nebraska Dental Offices in North Platte, Grand Island, Hastings, or Omaha. We’re ready to help any time you feel a little overwhelmed and would like professional dental advice. Otherwise, give your little one some TLC and use the home remedies in this article to relieve your child’s discomfort.