Special Needs

Special Needs, Autism, and Your Child’s Dental Team

Creating a positive experience

With a child who has special needs, we understand the importance of making sure they get the best care from a dental team trained and experienced in accommodating these needs. While their dental care needs won’t necessarily be different, the method in which that care is given will be. You know your child better than anyone else, which is why we partner with you to learn about your child and their specific needs to create a customized treatment plan and approach just for them. We are your specially trained dental team in Omaha, providing care to those with sensory processing disorders, autism, disabilities, and special health needs.

Dental + Behavioral Skills Go Hand in Hand

Meeting Your Child's Needs

No two children are exactly alike. And the approach needed to make a child with special needs comfortable is never exactly the same, either. For parents of a child on the autism spectrum, there are many activities that can be difficult and stressful for you and your child, including regular dental hygiene and dental visits. You want to ensure your child has the best experience possible which is why so many parents choose Pediatric Dental Specialists–Omaha to care for their kid’s dental needs. Proper dental management of an autistic child requires understanding both pediatric dentistry and behavioral guidance theories for autism. Our team is trained in both areas so we can be flexible and modify our treatment approach based on our child’s specific needs. You can be confident knowing your child will get the best care from a highly trained team in a facility designed just for them.


My son's first visit was amazing, front staff were super sweet, dental nurse was amazing with him. Both dentist and assistant were informative and provided great care. They were gentle and spoke to him in a caring manner so he would understand.


Calm, Comfortable Visits

Giving Your Child Tools to Feel Safe

Just like adults, some children have dental anxiety, which is perfectly normal. For these children, including those with special needs like sensory processing disorder or autism, they may need additional tools to have a comfortable experience at the dentist. We offer options for sedation during their appointment. Our team is trained in administering sedation for children of all ages and needs, and we partner with you on determining the best course of action for your child's comfort. We are happy to discuss sedation options with you to help you weigh the pros and cons.

We’re on Your Team

Special Healthcare Needs

Your dentist will partner with your child’s medical team to ensure your child’s dental and medical teams are connected. You can feel confident knowing our team is well prepared for your child’s experience here, from their first visit and beyond! Your child’s dental health and overall wellness is our primary focus. Together, we can help your child have a lifetime of healthy, happy smiles!

Caring for Your Child’s Smile

From your child’s first visit to the time they graduate high school, Pediatric Dental Specialists–Omaha will be your partner in giving your child the gift of optimal dental health. Check out our blog to learn more about why your child will benefit from a pediatric dentist.