Toothsome, Tasty Recipes for Summertime

Refreshing recipes for summer break

Our 6 Favorite Kid-Friendly Recipes for Summer Break

As we transition from spring to summer, most of us are ready to ditch our cold-weather plans in favor of a more laidback itinerary. We’re dreaming of pools and picnics, and lots of backyard barbecues. 

As your trusted local dentist, we’re here to help make sure your smile stays bright before, during, and after the summer break! Today, we’re sharing a few of our favorite recipes for summer break that are tasty and great for your teeth and gums.

1. Frozen Fruit Pops

You don’t have to settle for the extra-sugary popsicles at the grocery store. When you want to cool down this summer, it’s easy to blend up these healthier frozen fruit pops instead!

Start with a few handfuls of your favorite fresh, seasonal fruit. This might include two to three fresh kiwis, a small pint of strawberries, and a pint of blueberries. You can also add in a few peeled and sliced tangerines. 

Carefully cut up the fruit into small pieces. Then, add them to some popsicle molds. Leave a little room and don’t pack them too tightly. 

Once everything is in place, pour coconut water into the molds until it reaches the top. Insert wooden popsicle sticks, pop the tray in the freezer, and wait about four to six hours, or overnight. 

Eat the pops immediately once you remove them from the mold. If they get stuck, run a little warm water over them and the pops should “pop” right out! This is one nostalgic treat the entire family can enjoy.

2. Crunchy Fruits and Veggies

It’s common to bring chips and crackers to a picnic or pool day. While these can be fine in moderation, it’s much more satisfying (and healthy) to munch on fresh fruit and vegetables instead.

The best part about mixing it up is that the summertime is filled with delicious produce. You don’t have to stick to the standard fare of carrot sticks and celery. In fact, feel free to add in a few new favorites!

Some delicious options include berries, melons, summer squashes, watermelons, and bell peppers. We also love filling our trays with apples, pears, raw broccoli, and cucumbers! When you chew on these items, they also act as natural toothbrushes, gently scrubbing your teeth and stimulating saliva to keep your mouth clean. 

3. Banana Nice Cream

Nothing helps you beat the scorching summer heat like a big bowl of ice cream! While there are plenty of varieties at the market, why not make your own summertime treats at home?

It’s not only less expensive and easier, but it’s a lot healthier, too. In fact, to make a bowl of “nice” cream, all you need are two peeled and frozen bananas.

Simply cut the bananas into chunks, and blend them in a food processor or a heavy-duty blender. Then, blend them up until they’re smooth. This recipe is scrumptious as-is, but you can play around with healthy mix-ins to make it even more decadent.

For instance, try adding a tablespoon of creamy peanut butter and a tablespoon of cocoa powder to the blended bananas. Then, blend again until everything is combined.

Check out this post for more flavor variations and inspiration. Spiced chai, anyone?

4. Fruit-Infused Water

When we get hot, it’s natural to crave a thirst-quenching juice or sports drink. While they might make you feel better in the short term, those beverages are usually loaded down with extra, unnecessary sugars.

To satisfy your craving and keep your teeth healthy, try making fruit-infused water instead. Just add sliced or coarsely chopped fruit to a pitcher and fill it up with fresh water.

Watermelon cubes look beautiful in this recipe and taste just as great. You can also experiment with oranges, mangoes, peaches, and berries. If you prefer a more savory taste, try freshly sliced cucumber, rosemary, or mint!

The longer the fruit sits in the water, the more flavorful it will become. Once you’ve finished off the pitcher, don’t toss the leftover fruit. Use it to naturally sweeten smoothies, oatmeal, or brownies.

5. Fruit and Cheese Kabobs

It’s no secret that charcuterie boards are having a moment. While these beautiful and elaborate spreads are fun to look at, they aren’t always the healthiest. 

Thankfully, it’s easy to create your own at home, opting for a few healthier ingredients. Fill your board with a variety of your favorite fresh fruits, along with a few wedges of cheese. Cheddar, gouda, parmesan, and asiago cheeses all work well and retain their shape. 

Keep wooden skewers nearby and encourage guests to create their own kabobs! 

6. Easy Summer Salad

Wondering what to cook this summer? Firing up the oven will warm up your house and could leave you sweating! Give it the night off, and create an easy salad, instead.

Start with a simple base of leafy greens, such as spinach or kale. High in vitamins and minerals but low in calories, these greens are filling and delicious. Then, sprinkle on some crunchy toppers, such as sliced almonds or walnuts.

You can also add shredded or cubed cheese, which is high in calcium and one of the best foods for summertime. Finally, finish the salad off with a few apple slices. These fruits are filled with antioxidants that ward off inflammation and gum disease, and they’re a great complement to the savory dish. 

Drizzle the salad with your favorite vinegarette, mix all of the ingredients together, and you’re ready to dig in!

Try these recipes for summer break

The days might be getting longer and school might be out of session. But that doesn’t mean that your family has to abandon healthy eating routines. 

These six recipes for summer break are quick and easy to make, and you can whip most of them up with ingredients that you already have on hand. If you’re planting a garden this year, think about the foods you’ll enjoy munching on and be sure to add them to your rows. Our dental team is here for your family all year round. Feel free to reach out to us if you need anything.