What Is the Pediatric Dentist Age Limit for Kids?

You child can see a pediatric dentist well into their teens

A Pediatric Dentist will Provide Oral Care from Infancy to Adulthood

Are you wondering when your baby should start seeing a dentist or if your teen is too old for a pediatric dentist? Parents are often curious about accepted pediatric dentist age ranges, specifically what ages are considered too young or too old for a kids’ dentist.

Here’s everything you need to know about how your child’s age plays a role in the dental care they receive.

Babies and Toddlers

Kids are never too young to visit a pediatric dentist.

There is no minimum age for seeing a pediatric dentist. In fact, it’s highly recommended that your baby’s first dental checkup be booked by their first birthday.

Early dental appointments are beneficial for babies and parents alike.

Although your child may not have many teeth yet, getting them used to seeing a pediatric dentist goes a long way in making them feel comfortable and confident as they grow up.

Parents will also learn important information on how to keep their baby’s teeth and gums clean as well as receive guidance on smile-friendly diets and oral habits for their child.

Pediatric dental care teams are pros at making babies feel comfortable.

A huge advantage of a pediatric practice is how skilled the dentist and team are at wrangling wriggly babies and toddlers.

The MyPDS team treats kids with the utmost respect to create trust from the very start. This includes taking things slow with babies and toddlers and working at their pace based on how they feel.

Dental appointments at this stage are more about building a relationship with your baby and teaching them how fun visiting a dentist can be.

School-Age Kids

Regular dental care is crucial as kids reach the ages of six to 12.

Once kids reach school age, dental care really becomes more in depth. Kids learn about the importance of brushing, flossing, and keeping their teeth clean. They will also come to understand what cavities are and why preventing them from happening is so important. During this time, many kids will also get fillings or other restorative dental work.

A pediatric dentist will monitor the loss of baby teeth and the eruption of adult teeth.

The premature loss of baby teeth or complications with baby teeth not falling out on schedule can cause a host of issues for kids. During this period of time, pediatric dentists will keep tabs on which teeth your child is losing and how their adult teeth are beginning to come into place. If intervention is needed, such as extracting a baby tooth, your child’s dentist will be able to take care of it.

Orthodontic evaluations often take place around your child’s seventh birthday.

Did you know your child’s first orthodontic evaluation should happen around the age of seven? Some pediatric dental practices also offer pediatric orthodontic care. This means they will be able to have their evaluation done without needing to see a specialist.

Dental checkups include refreshing kids on how to care for their smiles at home.

Preventive care and stopping cavities from forming are the focus of your child’s checkups and dental cleaning appointments. We also give kids a refresher on proper brushing and flossing techniques during each appointment. Your child’s dentist can give you information on which oral care products to use for your family and provide helpful tips on creating an at-home dental care routine your child can make a habit.

Preteens and Teens

Teens can see a pediatric dentist until their 18th birthday.

MyPDS accepts teens right up until they reach adulthood and are no longer considered a minor.

There are many benefits to keeping your child with a pediatric dentist until adulthood.

Some teens may feel funny about visiting a “kids’ dentist,” but as a parent, you know your child’s oral health is one of the most important things to think about. Sticking with a pediatric dentist offers only benefits to teens. Although yours may now be in high school, their jaws are still developing, and they still need the gentle guidance a pediatric dentist offers.

A pediatric dentists can offer valuable referrals to general dentists after adulthood.

A great pediatric dentist won’t leave you and your teen hanging after their 18th birthday. We do our very best to refer our 18-year-old patients to local Omaha general dentists who will continue providing excellent care.

Kids With Special Needs

MyPDS welcomes kids of all ages with special needs.

We accept kids of all ages and with all needs! As kids reach their later teen years, we can also help parents find a new dentist who will carry through with providing excellent care for their child.

A pediatric dentist is experienced in making dental care as stress-free as possible.

The MyPDS team works with kids of all abilities, adapting to meet any unique behavioral and mobility needs. Our focus is to not only help your child achieve lifelong oral health but also help them develop a good relationship with their dentist now and in the future. We also offer sedation dentistry options for kids who need some extra help relaxing during treatment appointments.

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