Pediatric Orthodontic Care


At Pediatric Dental Specialists–Omaha, we provide a range of orthodontic services for children. It is important to bring your child in for an orthodontic evaluation around age 7. During an orthodontic evaluation, your child’s dentist will thoroughly assess their oral health and development. If orthodontic care is necessary, we will proceed with an orthodontic workup. This includes panoramic images, a cephalometric analysis, models, and photos. Dr. Ben provides orthodontic treatment at our Omaha offices.

Approximately 4-6 weeks after the orthodontic workup, we will meet with you to discuss your child’s treatment plan, the costs, and available financial options. Then, treatment can begin!

Interceptive Orthodontics


Interceptive orthodontics is all about being proactive and addressing orthodontic issues early in a child’s life. It takes advantage of the natural growth and development of your child’s jaws and teeth to fix a range of issues, from overcrowding to crossbites. Interceptive orthodontic treatments help guide teeth into proper alignment and support dental development.

The key advantage of interceptive orthodontics is that it helps prevent more severe orthodontic problems as your child grows. It is an investment in your child’s future smile and sets them up for good long-term oral health.

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Space Maintainers


It’s not uncommon for toddlers and young children to lose one of their baby teeth prematurely. Children are adventurous, and, unfortunately, falls and injuries can damage the teeth. While many parents may think this loss of teeth isn’t serious, your child’s first teeth are very important. A tooth lost before its time can affect a child’s dental development and alignment.

At Pediatric Dental Specialists–Omaha, we use space maintainers to prevent these negative effects. Space maintainers prevent the adjacent teeth from shifting into the space. This allows the adult teeth to erupt in the correct positions. Addressing gaps with space maintainers early can help your child avoid other orthodontic treatments when they’re older.

Palatal Expanders


Palatal expanders are orthodontic devices we use in children who have narrow upper jaws. When the jaw is too narrow, a child may experience chewing, speaking, or breathing difficulties. It can also lead to overcrowding and a crossbite. Palatal expanders gradually and gently widen the upper jaw to create more space, allowing for better alignment of the teeth.

Addressing a narrow upper jaw is easier when the child’s bones are still growing. Early intervention is a proactive approach to orthodontics that helps reduce the need for later extractions or complex dental treatments.



Braces are a reliable orthodontic treatment that can fix crooked teeth, overcrowding, gaps, and other issues with a child’s bite. Braces involve the use of metal brackets, wires, and bands. With controlled pressure, the braces gradually shift the teeth into their ideal positions, improving oral function and producing a beautiful smile.

Throughout your child’s treatment, our team will provide expert guidance and support to ensure they feel comfortable and confident in their braces. Getting braces can be a big adjustment for a child, but it is one that leads to extraordinary results.



At Pediatric Dental Specialists–Omaha, we use retainers to help kids maintain the results of their orthodontic treatments. They play a vital role in stabilizing the teeth and ensuring they stay in the correct positions. Every retainer is custom-made to ensure it fits comfortably. Your child’s dentist will provide you with tailored instructions for retainer use, as some kids will need to wear their retainer full time, and others may only need to wear it at night. Periodic checkups with our dental team will ensure your child’s teeth are on track and maintaining their alignment.

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There are options for that unexpected dental procedure.

With or without insurance, we want to help you make getting the dental care your child needs easy.

We work with your insurance to maximize your benefits.

No insurance? We accept other forms of payment as well, such as credit cards, cash, and check. We also accept CareCredit, which offers flexible monthly payments, with zero interest for six or 12 months on larger charges.

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