Month: November 2020

Child's healthy self-esteem

Pediatric Dentistry: Helping Kids Build Healthy Self-Esteem

Your Child’s Smile Can Have a Positive or Negative Impact on Their Self-Image. A tough period of time for many kids is adolescence, the fairly tumultuous phase of life where kids are going through puberty and gradually shifting from preteens into teenagers. A lot of physical and psychological changes happen at this time, with one…
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Help your preteen cope with stress

4 Warning Signs Your Preteen Needs Help with Stress Management

Sometimes it’s hard to tell if your preteen is stressed or just being a preteen. Mood swings, headaches, tummy aches, stubbornness, and more—these are all signs your child is becoming a teen, right? To some degree, yes. For some preteens, frequent headaches or tummy aches and severe or suddenly more severe changes in mood can…
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build healthy routines to keep away tooth decay

How Tooth Decay Can Affect Your Child’s Health

Implement a solid oral hygiene routine for your child. As parents, we do everything we can to make sure our children eat healthy foods. Avoiding sugary cereals, cookies, candies, and fried foods are par for the course for parents who want what is best for their child. A poor diet can reap a host of…
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Stop tooth decay

How to Stop Tooth Decay at Home

Learn how your dental care habits influence your child’s oral health. As a parent, preventing cavities and ensuring your child has a healthy smile for life is always on your mind. But many parents don’t realize how their own oral care habits play a significant role in their child’s journey toward preventing tooth decay and…
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