Month: December 2022

Does my child need a crown

Your Child Can Be Smiling Bigger and Brighter After a Crown

Seeing our children laugh and smile is one of the greatest joys of being a parent. A big smile and a belly laugh are excellent indicators of your child’s disposition and overall health. But sometimes, a toothache can jeopardize that smile. Your child may be experiencing pain or discomfort related to tooth decay. And older…
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dental sealants for kids

What Are Dental Sealants, and When Are They Recommended for Kids?

As parents, we take our kids’ oral hygiene seriously. After all, we want them to have healthy and happy smiles. But did you know that there is yet one more thing you can do to protect those pearly whites? Of course, teaching your kids to brush, floss, and rinse is critical. And taking them to…
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Taking care of your children's oral health

3 Oral Hygiene Concerns Parents May Be Struggling With

They say that parenting can be one of the most rewarding things you will ever do. And though we’re not entirely sure who they are, what’s often left out is that parenting is also likely the most challenging thing you will ever do. At Omaha Pediatric Dental Specialists, we think parenting is both rewarding and…
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Fun and healthy cooking with kids

How To Make Christmas Cooking With Your Kids Healthy and Fun

Holiday cooking with kids can be fun! The holidays are just around the corner, and while many of the foods we traditionally eat around the holidays aren’t the healthiest, there are ways to make those foods a bit better for you and get your kids involved in the cooking process while you’re at it!  Littlest…
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