Month: October 2021

Kids and dental crowns

Does Your Child Need Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns offer a helping hand in saving kids’ teeth. When trouble strikes in the form of a cavity, basic fillings aren’t always enough to save a child’s tooth. To prevent the premature loss of your child’s important baby teeth, a pediatric dentist can instead save them with protective dental crowns. Placing a dental crown…
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Take care of your child's sensitive teeth

7 Common Reasons for Your Kid’s Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive Teeth in Kids and What You Can Do About It As a parent, you naturally want your children to feel as happy and healthy as possible. That’s why it can be disheartening to hear them complain about a toothache or sensitive teeth. In many cases, the pain could be caused by sensitivity. There are…
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We put your special needs child at ease with sedation dentistry

Sedation Dentistry Options for Kids With Special Needs

Create a better experience with sedation dentistry. Visiting a dental office can feel like a visit to another world! The bright lights, the strange sounds and smells, and having strangers very close can make even the most outgoing child feel a bit uncomfortable. For kids with special needs, this sensory overload can trigger anxiety or…
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Healthy recipes for the holidays

10 Tooth-Friendly Recipes for the Holidays

Enjoy some treats for the holidays without sacrificing your oral health. The holidays are upon us! It’s time to buy those gifts, schedule those family gatherings, and plan those meals. These next few months are meant to be a time of joyous celebration, and you can avoid the last-minute rush by preparing beforehand. Of course,…
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Dental sealants to save teeth

5 Solid Reasons to Consider Dental Sealants for Kids

Dental sealants can save your child’s smile from damaging tooth decay. Your child’s dentist wishes they could simply wave a wand and cast a protective spell to stop cavities from ever happening. Although that isn’t possible, there is a very real protective treatment that can put a halt to tooth decay woes. This treatment is…
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All about your child's first dental visit

5 Important Questions To Ask Your Child’s Dentist

5 Questions To Ask at or Before Your Child’s First Dental Appointment Your child’s first dental visit is an important milestone, just like their first step or their first day at school. And it’s every parent’s responsibility to use that first dental appointment (and every visit after) to understand their child’s oral health and make…
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