Month: February 2021

Save a knocked out tooth

Dental Trauma & First Aid: What Do You Do If a Tooth Is Knocked Out?

Saving a Knocked-Out Tooth When characters in a movie lose a tooth, they often shrug it off, drop the tooth to the ground, and keep fighting. But what do you do in real life when someone actually gets a tooth knocked out? The answer is quite a lot! Whether it’s you or someone around you…
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Facts about molars for your kids

Dear Dental Diary: When Do Molars Fall Out?

Molars on the Move It’s perfectly natural for teeth and molars to fall out as a child grows up. Our baby teeth eventually need to make room for adult teeth so they can come in bigger and stronger. However, many people don’t know when baby molars fall out, how they fall out, and what happens…
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There are great alternatives to candy for your kids

Prevent Tooth Decay: 5 Alternatives to Candy

Resist the call of candy to prevent tooth decay. If your teeth had a living nightmare, it would be candy. When it comes to propagating the growth of plaque and tartar on your teeth, candy, in all its sweet glory, is the queen. The problem is so many of us, particularly our kids, have a…
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