Month: December 2023

Tooth fairy fun for kids.

Did Your Child Lose Their First Tooth? 5 Fun Tips for Tooth-Fairy Readiness

Magical Memories You’ve lost your first tooth. You slip it under your pillow, and all the while you’re feeling that missing spot with your tongue. What will the tooth fairy bring this time? You’re so excited that it’s hard to sleep, but eventually, you drift off, only to wake up to a prize. As adults,…
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Dental fillings and crowns for a cavity.

Childhood Dental Heroes: What Parents Should Know About Fillings and Crowns for Kids

Kids have minds of their own. Taking care of kids can certainly be difficult. You’re trying to get them to eat a vegetable here or there, keep their clothes on, and stay in that booster seat on the highway. They definitely have minds of their own! With the constant struggles that come with parenthood, finding…
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