Month: February 2023

Toothbrushing tips for kids with disability

7 Tips for Easy, Happy Tooth Brushing for Your Child With a Disability

The best ways  to keep dental care fun and stress-free. Children with sensitive developmental and behavioral needs can often find brushing and flossing to be overstimulating, frustrating, or simply a little boring. At-home dental care is crucial for preventing cavities and pediatric gum disease, so it’s important for parents to find solutions that mesh with…
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Tips to promote healthy baby development

6 Things That Promote Healthy Baby Development

A Guide to Promoting Healthy Development in Babies Being a new mom can be challenging, especially when providing the best care for your baby. Many new moms worry about whether or not they are doing a good job and what the dentist thinks. However, there are many things you can do to promote healthy baby…
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Take care of tooth pain

How To Tell If Your Child’s Tooth Pain Is A Dental Emergency

Is my child’s tooth pain a dental emergency? If your child is experiencing tooth pain, you may be wondering just how big of a deal it is. Does my child need to seek medical attention, or is it something that can wait? Can I take care of a simple toothache at home? If your child…
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Early orthodontic intervention

What Is Early Orthodontic Intervention and Is It Right for Your Child?

An early orthodontic evaluation can help you prevent issues for your child later. As a parent, you naturally want your child’s teeth and gums to develop well. In your quest to keep them as clean and healthy as possible, you may also notice issues with alignment. Sometimes these issues are obvious, and braces are on…
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