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Fun and healthy cooking with kids

How To Make Christmas Cooking With Your Kids Healthy and Fun

Holiday cooking with kids can be fun! The holidays are just around the corner, and while many of the foods we traditionally eat around the holidays aren’t the healthiest, there are ways to make those foods a bit better for you and get your kids involved in the cooking process while you’re at it!  Littlest…
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Christmas games for the whole family

7 Exciting Family Game Ideas to Liven up Your Christmas

With people all over the world looking forward to getting together with loved ones in person this holiday season, it’s only natural to be looking for games and activities to bring people closer together. Now that we all know the importance of washing our hands, staying home when we are sick, and practicing social distancing…
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Handwashing keeps the germs at bay

Most Common Handwashing Mistakes and How To Fix Them

Common Hand Hygiene Mistakes When it comes to handwashing, kids and adults alike fall into one of two camps: the ones who reach for the soap first or the ones who turn on the tap first. Both groups of people would probably lay down their lives believing their way is right, but the CDC recommends…
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Fun tooth-related science experiments for kids

4 Fun Tooth-related Science Experiments for Kids

Have fun while learning about your teeth! Are you looking for fun and engaging ways to get your kids excited about their dental health? Science experiments can be a great way to keep their attention and offer hands-on exploration. These fun ideas can help you turn abstract ideas into tangible, real-world concepts that even the…
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Healthy back-to-school habits

10 Healthy Back-to-School Habits for Omaha Kids

Make this new school year the best one yet with these tips. The back-to-school season is an exciting time for families in Omaha. Kids will be returning to school to make new friends, meet new teachers, and learn new things. Parents will also be transitioning to kids being back in school and the unique changes…
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You child can see a pediatric dentist well into their teens

What Is the Pediatric Dentist Age Limit for Kids?

A Pediatric Dentist will Provide Oral Care from Infancy to Adulthood Are you wondering when your baby should start seeing a dentist or if your teen is too old for a pediatric dentist? Parents are often curious about accepted pediatric dentist age ranges, specifically what ages are considered too young or too old for a…
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Celebrate Independence Day with these fun ideas

How to Have a Blast on Independence Day in Omaha, Nebraska

4th of July Activities for the Whole Family Here at Pediatric Dental Specialists in Omaha, NE, the 4th of July is one of our favorite holidays. Our team enjoys making crafts, watching the fireworks shows, and of course, baking some patriotic treats. Your family probably also has activities you can’t imagine not doing on Independence…
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Fun summertime facts for kids

5 Fun Facts About Summertime for Kids

The truth behind some of our most popular summer traditions. For children all over the country, summertime means freedom. School books get set aside, school uniforms get pushed to the back of the closet, and the shorts, T-shirts, and flip-flops take center stage. With sunshine and so many great things to do, it’s only natural…
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Get your child ready for little league

Is Your Child Ready for Little League Season?

How to Prepare Your Little Leaguer for Baseball and Softball Season After a couple of tumultuous years, families in the Greater Nebraska area are excited to get out for Little League season and fill their lungs with the invigorating fresh air. Signups finished in March for most Little League teams, and soon enough, you’ll be…
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Great things about Omaha, NE

Living the Good Life in Omaha, NE

Why Your Family Will Love Living in Omaha, NE Are you planning to put down roots in the Cornhusker State? With a thriving culinary scene, innovative business culture and a jam-packed calendar of family-friendly activities, Omaha, NE is the ideal place to go. If you’re a little on the fence or are looking for more…
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