Month: October 2023

Tooth discoloration in kids.

Stained Smiles: 5 Main Culprits Behind Kids’ Tooth Discoloration

Most people tend to think tooth discoloration only applies to teenagers and adults. However, that’s not entirely accurate. In a study conducted several years ago, researchers examined the tooth color of a sample of cavity-free children and made an intriguing discovery.  They found that a surprising 23% of these youngsters had some form of tooth…
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Halloween candy rules to follow.

Worried About Halloween Candy? 5 Tips To Protect Your Child’s Teeth

Cast a banishing spell on spooky sugar bugs. As the jack-o’-lanterns light up and the kids don their costumes, Halloween ushers in a wave of sweet treats that can be a nightmare for your child’s oral health. Sure, indulging in Halloween candy is part of the spooky fun, but those sugar bugs can lead to…
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Meet the new pediatric dentist in Omaha.

Join Us in Welcoming Dr. Mary Weber, Your Child’s New Dentist!

Meet Dr. Mary Weber. Pediatric Dental Specialists is thrilled to introduce a new pediatric dentist to our team, Dr. Mary Weber. Dr. Mary is set to join our Omaha practice in January 2024, and we couldn’t be more excited to have her on board. In this blog post, we’ll help you get to know her…
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