Did Your Child Lose Their First Tooth? 5 Fun Tips for Tooth-Fairy Readiness

Tooth fairy fun for kids.

Magical Memories

You’ve lost your first tooth. You slip it under your pillow, and all the while you’re feeling that missing spot with your tongue. What will the tooth fairy bring this time? You’re so excited that it’s hard to sleep, but eventually, you drift off, only to wake up to a prize.

As adults, we know the secret of the tooth fairy. But we also know exactly how special these memories truly are. Watching our children prepare for their very first visit from the tooth fairy can be an exciting and memorable time. Are you wanting a few ideas to enhance the magic? Then keep on reading!

1. Tooth Fairy History

The magic of losing a baby tooth is far from a new idea. It is thought that in ancient times, parents would bury their children’s teeth to save them from hardships in the next life. Vikings even used their children’s baby teeth in jewelry as a form of protection during battle.

The modern tooth fairy is thought to have come about in an article in the Chicago Tribune in 1908, and a play in 1927. The legend sprouted wings and grew from there, morphing into the magical being that we know and love today.

Be sure to share your own childhood experiences with the tooth fairy! Your child will hold on to every word, soaking it all in. Sharing your own stories makes the magic all the more real in their eyes!

2. Bedtime Ritual

After brushing and flossing those teeth, it’s time to get the tooth and your child ready for the tooth fairy’s visit. Tell your child the story of the tooth fairy, read them books, and really get them excited for what’s to come. Then, have them place the tooth in the designated place, whether in a pouch under their pillow or a decorated envelope on their nightstand. Maybe they kiss it goodbye and tell the tooth to have a good journey. Whatever you choose to do, soak it all in!

3. DIY Tooth-Fairy Envelopes

If you’re a crafty person, try making a special pouch for the freshly lost tooth to sleep. This will not only make it easier for the tooth fairy to find the tooth, but it’ll keep it from getting lost in the chaos of bedding, or even under the bed.

You can get your little ones involved in making their very own tooth-fairy envelope. Get some brightly colored paper and let the kids draw all over it, or place stickers wherever they want. If you’re brave, you can even add some glitter to the mix! When it’s completely decorated, glue a little pouch to the front, and voila! You’ve got a handy little home for the tooth.

4. Tooth-Fairy Rewards

When it comes down to it, the rewards the tooth fairy can give are really endless. You can find metals or even tokens themed around losing a tooth. These make excellent rewards, as your child will be able to collect one per tooth and keep them for the rest of their lives. Some families prefer to give a few dollars as a reward, and others will gift a small toy of some kind.

Whatever method you prefer, remember that you can be as creative as you want. You don’t have to follow the same rules as everyone else. After all, you’re the tooth fairy now!

5. Tooth-Fairy Notes

Sometimes a hand-written note directly from the tooth fairy can bring the magic to the next level. Write whatever you want, in whatever handwriting you choose. Even consider decorating it with “fairy dust” or glitter. You can talk about how well the child took care of this tooth, or mention how big your little one is getting. Doing this will make this magical event personal and unique to your child.

If you go the letter route, why not have your child write one to the tooth fairy as well? They can write anything they want, details on what’s going on at school, or even create a magical story of the journey the tooth has gone through to finally end up under their pillow. Whatever they do will turn into a keepsake for sure!

Emotional Whirlwind

Losing that first tooth can bring on a whirlwind of emotions. You might feel somewhat sad to see your baby going through another dental milestone, growing up before your eyes, but you’ll also be excited to bring the magic of the tooth fairy into your house. Don’t be afraid to get creative. You can make the tooth fairy experience as in-depth as you like, or keep it simple and sweet.

If you want, write little letters to and from the tooth fairy, decorate the room, create a little envelope, or even come up with unique gifts from the tooth fairy. Whatever you do, just know you are creating life-long memories for your children, and they will enjoy every minute of it.

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Remember to cherish every moment as you create the magical world of the tooth fairy. Know these memories are going to last a lifetime, both for you and your child. If you have any questions or concerns about your child’s oral health, remember that an appointment with your Omaha dentist  is only a click away!